Call for tender – Mayors Alliance for the European Green Deal videos

Eurocities wants to make cities places where everyone can enjoy a good quality of life, is able to move around safely, access quality and inclusive public services and benefit from a healthy environment. We do this by networking almost 200 larger European cities, which together represent some 130 million people across 38 countries, and by gathering evidence of how policy making impacts on people to inspire other cities and EU decision makers.

The Mayors Alliance for the European Green Deal, a Eurocities initiative, aims to show that a sustainable transition to a climate neutral society is possible, but that this work must be done at a local level, by including people in the designs. To bring local level action stronger into the public arena, we want to showcase the work done by cities and mayors in their double role as ambassadors for the Green Deal locally, and as the voices of people to other levels of government and to EU policy makers. We aim to do so by sharing a series of stories, visual briefings and interviews from cities all over Europe.

Work description:

Eurocities is looking to work with a video production company, able to offer editing and production services, for a period of seven or eight months to produce a series of videos in different formats.

The contract will involve:

  • Producing a 3-5 minute kick-off video
  • Creating intro and outro templates (e.g. with animation of logo) for use by Eurocities video editor to combine with mayors’ interviews, recorded by Eurocities
  • Creating an easy, visually appealing digital briefing format, for example similar to the text based videos of the World Economic Forum, to produce 10 short (90 second) briefings on policy topics – scripts supplied by Eurocities, with an alternative intro for briefings given by a mayor
  • Ability to integrate footage gathered by local film crews in our cities with people engaged in sustainable development projects, into 10 storytelling videos of 3-5minutes, working with Eurocities
  • Possibility to travel to Glasgow (one-off return trip) during the COP26 (early November 2021) to shoot footage for a further 5 videos, including interviews with mayors and other personalities, and definite availability for work around these dates

In total, the main deliverables equal 21 videos + intro and outro templates to be produced. Further, the briefing and storytelling videos will follow a distinctive style. In addition, an option to create a further 5 videos and travel to Glasgow in early November can be included or excluded from the offer.

About the videos:

The mission underpinning all videos is to leverage cities efforts in making Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050. The main objective is to tell the story of city actions on various aspects of the Green Deal such as climate mitigation and adaptation, energy, sustainable transport, circular economy, citizens engagement and a just transition. The second, related, objective is to place this narrative in public debates at national and EU level, showcasing the need for city leaders to be included in decision making on the European Green Deal.

Many city mayors and a growing majority of national governments have backed the European Commission’s call to ensure the Green Deal remains central to a green and just recovery in Europe. With the Next Generation EU recovery package, and 37% of the Recovery and Resilience Facility earmarked for green actions, there is a historic opportunity to financially boost the transformation needed, which Europe cannot afford to miss. To ensure that the Green Deal objectives truly become central to recovery in all parts of Europe and to the EU beyond the political mandate of the current Commission, now is the time to act.

By capitalising on cities’ ambitions to be the drivers of sustainable transition and promoting mayors’ actions and messages on a resilient recovery within the public debate, we can inspire others to act and increase the understanding at EU and national level of the contribution made locally. This will help foster more considered actions at all levels and shorten the distance between the European Green Deal and citizens across Europe. It will also increase public awareness and engagement in a sustainable future for Europe, where social equity and climate neutrality goes hand in hand.

Target audience:

  • Journalists, decision makers and other influencers of the public debate
  • The videos should be jargon free and engaging so that others will be inspired to share them


  • All videos will be hosted on the Eurocities YouTube channel, as Eurocities products, and shared via Eurocities social media channels

Other general points:

The interested company should:

  • Work closely with Eurocities to develop scripts and visual style;
  • Work closely with Eurocities throughout the process, collaborating on ideas and engaging in feedback sessions on drafts of the videos;
  • Edit and add graphic elements to the recorded materials;
  • Provide complete raw video footage to Eurocities;
  • Propose licence free music and sound effects;
  • Provide options for and include voiceovers in English and include EN subtitles.


  • The schedule of recording will be agreed between the video producer and Eurocities. The first intro video should be ready in June 2021, along with the templates, with other completed videos ready sequentially between June and December 2021 (i.e. 3-4 per month)
  • The video producer needs to be available to work closely with Eurocities on the scripts and production and to have the necessary meetings (all costs should be included in the price)

Overview of requirements:

  • Brief background of the company/contractor, experience working in the EU/local sphere, portfolio/examples of previous projects
  • Detailed quotation with payment terms and conditions for acceptance, based on the above description about the videos
  • The total price must include all costs and all expenditure incurred directly and indirectly by the contractor in performing of the tasks

Payments and standard agreement:

Payments shall be made only if the contractor has fulfilled all the contractual obligations by the date on which the invoice is submitted.

More detailed information on payments and requirements will be outlined in the contract.


Price must be quoted in EURO (VAT excluded).

Prices submitted in response to this tender must be inclusive of all costs involved in the performance of the contract, no expenses incurred in the performance of the services will be reimbursed separately.

Selection criteria:

The tenderer will be selected based on his/her professional and technical capacity, taking into account the best value for money.

Extra consideration will be taken on those offers that can offer something more: help to place our stories in sight of our target audience, strategic advice on distribution, media etc.


The bid must be sent by 31 May 2021 to Alex Godson, Eurocities Senior Communications Coordinator