Silver hair on the silver screen

Ageing is routinely portrayed as a difficult, dreary time of life, beset by restrictions and struggles – if it is acknowledged at all. With Germany’s population of over-60s set to grow significantly in the coming decades, finding new ways to overturn this negative image and reduce the country’s healthcare burden is vital.

Founded by the public health authority of Frankfurt and the University of Heidelberg, the Silver Screen festival projects a new narrative with films that show inspiring new stories of active and healthy ageing with older people at the heart of the plot. Its 80 films range in subject matter from coping with illness to falling in love in later life, discovering new horizons by travelling and learning and becoming more involved in society, politics and local issues. Above all, the films, sourced from across Europe, are chosen for their ability to inspire, touch and prompt new outlooks and the sharing of experiences.

The concept has now spread to the Netherlands and Portugal and is due to make its debut in the UK soon.

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Anthony Colclough Eurocities Writer