Our future city

‘Our Future City’ puts young people and creativity front and centre of Brighton & Hove’s plans for economic and social reform. By accepting that young people are the future, but also realising that the future will be brighter with healthier, happier people in it, the programme’s unique focus is on enhancing wellbeing. Of course, developing skills and considerations around the future labour market are also key factors.

The programme works closely with state schools and has delivered innovative approaches to wellbeing. In one school, for example, older students with emotional issues were encouraged to write songs, and, in another, younger students used dance to overcome problems around anxiety.

According to Peter Chivers, head of music and arts at the Brighton Dome and Festival, “we focus on developing cultural activities and engagement for children and young people – putting them at the heart of that and working as a collective – a movement – to support them.”

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Alex Godson Eurocities Writer