Bringing artists closer

Valladolid’s CreArt project aims to bring together a ‘network of cities for artistic creation.’ In Valladolid this has meant diversifying its cultural offer through opening new venues, investing budget and attracting international exhibitions.

The city administration chose to play to its strength by capitalising on its already close working relationship with many local artists and enhancing their visibility by reaching out to other cities, giving artists a chance to learn new skills, experience a new or different culture, and promote their art.

Innovations of the project have included the creation of the European Day of Artistic Creativity – an annual celebration of the creative industries, which the city would now like to turn into a month-long festival – and the artists in residence programme.

According to Amaya Bombin, an artist who has participated in CreArt activities, “through CreArt’s artist in residence programme, exhibitions and conference I have met and collaborated with artists across Europe, discovered other cultures, started to use different materials, made myself known and been awarded a prestigious scholarship. I was living in Madrid but thanks to the resurgence of Valladolid’s cultural activity through CreArt, I now live in my home city again.”

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Alex Godson Eurocities Writer