A commitment to culture

An interrupted bid to become the European Capital of Culture (due to the UK’s referendum on withdrawal from the EU rendering Leeds ineligible), spurred Leeds on to create its own cultural investment programme, Leeds 2023.

The idea of Leeds 2023 is to refocus on the city-wide benefit that a strong creative and cultural sector can bring, while fully engaging young people. Leeds 2023 encompasses many of the ideas that were to be part of the original capital of culture bid, such as open air theatre performed by people from the city, as well as a large scale sculpture festival.

The focus on young people sees them not only accessing culture, but also learning new skills and receiving encouragement and guidance to pursue a career in the creative sectors.

Chairwoman of the Leeds 2023 trust Ruth Pitt said: “Our ambition for 2023 is so big. We want to do deep engagement work across all our city to make sure everybody gets something valuable from this. We are really excited.”

Find out more here: Leeds 2023 – Culture for transformation

and watch the video:

Alex Godson Media Coordinator


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