Policy Monitor – European Heritage Hub

The European Heritage Hub Policy Monitor maps out policies impacting cultural and natural heritage across European, national and local level.

Mapping Cultural Heritage Policies

All policies in the monitor are organised under five key categories:

  • Digital Transition
  • Green Transition
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Inclusion & Accessibility
  • International Cultural Relations

The purpose of the Policy Monitor goes beyond data collection, aiming to analyse, observe trends, and identify gaps across local, national and European policy and regulatory environments.

Ultimately, it will gather sufficient information to play a key role in shaping the next phase of decision-making at the European level for cultural heritage, contributing to the drafting of positive and impactful policy papers and recommendations.

The Policy Monitor will be updated on a regular basis to include new policies and updates.

If you are a city representative and have content to add to the Policy Monitor, you can contact our Project Coordinator, Iwona Łopacińska.

For more information on the Policy Monitor, please check the FAQs.

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Iwona Łopacińska Project Coordinator - Culture
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