Cities and migrants – what’s happening at local level?

When migrants move, it is overwhelmingly to cities that they come. Migrant integration happens in cities, and it is overseen by local governments. This fourth Integrating Cities Report gives a direct insight into how cities are integrating migrants today. It is now available to read in full here.

In it, you’ll find an overview of the EU policy context, national developments, the impact of COVID-19, and local action in cities. While integration practices vary between cities, there are several essential developments that can be found in all of them. The report covers cities’ work on:

  • Developing integration policies in a structured and sustainable way, such as through Amsterdam’s new ‘Amsterdam Approach to Civic Integration.’
  • Mainstreaming integration across different policy areas, including Vienna’s Centre of Refugee empowerment.
  • Focusing on the specific integration needs of particular groups, for example London’s ‘Social Integration Strategy.’
  • Creating low-threshold access to integration services, as can be seen in Helsinki’s free counselling service.
  • Communicating openly about equal opportunities including campaigns like ‘Everybody is different, everybody is Ghent.’
  • Implementing an inclusive and participatory integration approach, such as through Oulu’s migrant union.
  • Working towards more inclusive city administrations and procurement practices, as Toronto does through its Executive Talent Forum.
  • Participating as key actors in the EU policy context and global governance, including cities’ cross-border cooperation on undocumented migrants in the City Initiative on Migrants with Irregular Status project.

Cities, in their roles as policymakers, service providers, employers, and buyers of goods and services, are making considerable progress in integrating migrants. They are key actors in integrating migrants and ensuring equal opportunities for all their residents. Learn the details of the many initiatives that are making this happen here.

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Katharina Bamberg Head of migration
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