Urban Logistics as an On-Demand Service (ULaaDs), aims at accelerating the deployment of innovative, shared, zero-emission logistics while addressing the impact of the on-demand economy.

Three municipalities committed to zero emissions city logistics  – Bremen, Mechelen and Groningen – have joined forces with logistics stakeholders, and leading academic institutions to accelerate the deployment of novel, feasible, shared and zero emissions solutions addressing major upcoming challenges generated by the rising of on-demand economy in urban logistics. Rome, Edinburgh, Bergen and Alba Iulia will follow the process and feed into the overall project methodology and co-create additional urban freight solutions.

The project will research the existing and future challenges linked to on-demand economy and will develop adapted solutions that will be trialled and monitored in the partner cities. The cities will experiment with containerised urban last mile delivery, city-wide platforms for integrated management of urban logistics, integration of passenger and urban freight mobility services and networks, transport vehicle capacity sharing, integration of logistics activities into urban planning at local and regional level, and deployment of zero-emission vans and cargo-bikes.

The project will produce a comprehensive methodology of the process with its results, challenges and recommendations for solutions to be replicated in other cities.


Arianna Americo Project & forum coordinator