Sharing cities

Sharing Cities is a Smart Cities ‘lighthouse’ programme that demonstrates how thoughtfully designed, integrated, open source solutions can be developed to serve the interest of people in an affordable and scalable manner.

Drawing on €25 million in EU funding, this five-year programme, launched in January 2016, brings together three ‘lighthouse’ cities (London, Lisbon and Milan) and three ‘fellow’ cities (Bordeaux, Burgas and Warsaw) in a joint effort to identify and implement innovative digitally enabled solutions and business models, which the participants expect to eventually be adopted by up to a hundred municipalities worldwide. Eurocities’ role is to enable the partners to replicate, scale up and share best practices.


Manon Ghislain Project officer


Street smart

Walking down Bogoridi Street in Burgas feels like stepping into the past – you might not suspect that this wide, sand-hued street is one of the most high-tech public spaces in Europe. The old-style streetlamps are more than they seem...

5 minutes read

Public discontent

“We didn’t see it coming, and we didn’t know how to handle it.. There was a huge rejection against those smart meters. People felt it was like big brother who was entering into their homes and monitoring when they were going to bed and when they were having a shower and when they were making love to their husbands.”

6 minutes read

Who cares about sharing?

People prefer car sharing, where you drive a car alone but share it with others, to ride sharing, where you drive together with other people. “You feel obliged to interact with other people. With ride sharing, you feel like you have to give something back. This is social indebtedness, and people generally don’t want that in everyday life.”

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