ROCK focuses on historic city centres as extraordinary laboratories to demonstrate how Cultural Heritage can be a unique and powerful engine of regeneration, sustainable development and economic growth for the whole city.

ROCK supports the transformation of historic city centres afflicted by physical decay, social conflicts and poor life quality into creative and sustainable districts through shared generation of new sustainable environmental, social, economic processes.

The project develops an innovative, collaborative and systemic approach to promote the effective regeneration and adaptive reuse in historic city centres by implementing a repertoire of successful heritage-led regeneration initiatives related to 7 Role Model selected cities: Athens, Cluj-Napoca, Eindhoven, Liverpool, Lyon, Turin and Vilnius.

The replicability and effectiveness of the approach and of the related models in addressing the specific needs of historic city centres and in integrating site management plans with associated financing mechanisms will be tested in three Replicator Cities: Bologna, Lisbon and Skopje.


Cécile Houpert Project Officer - culture


Three dimensions of a city

An earthquake eradicated Skopje’s Jewish Quarter. Now, via their mobile phones, visitors to Skopje will soon be able to roam through that quarter once again.

6 minutes read

Let there be light

“Despite being the birthplace of the Lumière Brothers, the inventors of cinema whose very name means ‘light,’ the city was known as a black and foggy place.” - The Festival of Light changed all that for Lyon.

4 minutes read

Stories of the past, stories of the future

Luis Santos, a 36 year-old Marvila resident has high praise for his local library: "I let the library staff know me, by the way, right now those people are the pillars of my life, they help me, they support me, they remember me for the good and for the bad."

5 minutes read

Smile: You’re on camera

‘Smile, you’re on camera’ has long been a famous sardonic caption used to warn people that they are being monitored by CCTV – but what if the camera actually knew, and cared, whether you were smiling?

5 minutes read