Providing a platform of exchange for migration, asylum and integration.

The Research Social Platform on Migration and Asylum (ReSOMA) provides a platform for knowledge and practice exchange in the fields of migration, asylum and integration. The project aims to ensure European policymakers and stakeholders’ access to accurate and reliable evidence for policies. ReSOMA is funded under the Horizon2020 programme.

During a refugee crisis on a global scale, EU and national policy making on migration and asylum have not been able to provide sustainable solutions to keep up with the rapidly changing migration dynamics in Europe. Policies towards immigrants are generally slow to change and path dependent, except when major changes in flows, government or politicisation radically accelerate the pace of changes in policy and public opinion. Migration has never been so high on the political agenda, with an increasing number of relatively new actors becoming active on migration and asylum policies.

Building on these challenges, ReSOMA means to enhance communication and be a direct bridge between stakeholders and policy by proving ready-to-use evidence on policy, policy perceptions and policy options on migration, asylum and integration. Specifically, ReSOMA has three main objectives:

  • Supporting a sustainable and mutually beneficial collaboration between EU research and stakeholder networks,
  • Making EU’s platforms for policy dialogue and consultation more evidence-based,
  • Raising new evidence-based top priorities for the EU’s policy agenda.

The project ended in January 2020, and its consortium was composed of the following organisations: ISMU Foundation (project coordinator), Ernst&Young, Migration Policy Group, Erasmus University Rotterdam, PICUM, EUROCITIES, Social Platform, ECRE and CEPS.


Rossella Nicoletti Senior Project Coordinator - UNITES