CONNECTION – CONNEcting Cities Towards Integration actiON – promotes transnational learning and implementation of integration policies.

Cities taking part in this project exchange best practices and develop policy guidelines for a broader audience on the four following themes/communities of practice:

A. How to develop a strategic approach to integration, participation and interaction?

B. How to build a gender dimension into integration policies?

C. How to build pathways to employment for migrants?

D. How to design one-stop shops as an integrated response to integration needs?

Seven participating cities less experienced in integration are not only developing action plans with the support of the other participating cities but are also receiving grants and support to implement a new integration scheme in their own context. In addition, eight more experienced cities will have one staff member trained as an ‘integration ambassador’ who can autonomously train other cities in integration policies beyond the project’s lifetime.


Alexandra Weerts Senior Project Coordinator - Partnership with UNICEF

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