In cities along the Danube River, industrial land and spaces lay abandoned or forgotten. But this doesn’t mean they have lost their value.

AGORA, or Advancing innovative cogeneration Option for Revitalising local Areas, aims to test new processes to make the most of vacant spaces and brownfield in 10 cities of the Danube region. AGORA will create the tools for public bodies to involve various stakeholders in the regeneration of vacant land, both public and private, to make it a valuable part of the city once more. The project will breathe back life into these areas and create a platform to share the lessons learned in the reintegration and reconnection of long-forgotten cornerstones of the urban fabric.

Our members Cluj, Prague and Sofia are partners in the project. EUROCITIES is the project’s associated strategic partner, participating in the project’s events, providing expertise during capacity building/transfer seminars or during the writing of some deliverables, sharing results and connecting project partners with our members and similar projects.