Welcome to Newrocities!

30 August 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, our dearest visitors – may we present to you: the new Eurocities.

We have worked over the summer to give our network of European cities a new look. You can see the result on this website, with a refreshed style and set of colours as well as a revamped logo – brought to life in this short film.

Cities, and their work to ensure well-being and a good quality of life for all people, are the heart of our organisation. This becomes more visible now, with the large collection of stories from our cities on this website. Have a read, meet the people portrayed in the articles, and get inspired by the creativity of cities to tackle the challenges of our time.

As a network, we connect the lives of the people in our cities with the European level: how do EU policies affect the everyday life? What do cities need to create a better future for all? – You find our answers in the many initiatives described on this website, with our new strategic framework as a basis.

Now, with all these new things spread out before you, we can‘t wait to hear what you think – your feedback is more than welcome at

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And now – enjoy your stay!

We want to thank Three Rooms for the new logo and style; Karakas for the website design; Vision Communication for the film, and Kurt Buschmann for the music.