The Creative Bureaucracy Festival and Initiative: What, why and how?

12 August 2020

We are in the midst of a dramatic transformation and the pandemic crisis is causing us all to rethink and to innovate at speed and we see that a business as usual approach will not work. The value of good public administrations has become even more evident. Good government matters!

There is a hidden and untapped reservoir of talent in public administrations that the Creative Bureaucracy Festival aims to help unleash; there is a vast number of unsung heroes who make places work that we want to provide a platform for.

Three pillars

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival sets out to help bureaucracies feel more competent and confident to address the big social, economic, and political problems of our time and is guided by the following three questions:

  1. What is the incentives and regulations regime to achieve that?
  2. How can we enrich the inner life of the bureaucracy and empower people and the organisation to give their best?
  3. How can bureaucracies rethink and refresh their relationship to the civic and business worlds?

To meet these challenges, it is necessary to have an imaginative, adaptive, agile, accountable and trustworthy public administration. This can provide the backbone to address the effects of the global pandemic, climate change and the digitising world.

To do this well public servants need to work within a culture and a structure that is open-minded to tap into their potential and to explore the best solutions. It involves moving from a ‘no, because’ to a ‘yes, if’ culture’

There are many creative bureaucrats who are supporting change in our public bodies and making them much more effective. They are found at every level of the organisation.

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Alex Godson Eurocities Writer