Tallinn named European Capital of Sport 2025

9 December 2022

Tallinn Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart accepted the title of European Capital of Sport 2025 in Brussels last night.

Tallinn recieves Capital of Sport
Tallinn receives Capital of Sport

“Just as an athlete’s journey to the podium of a world championship requires years, even decades, of dedication, hard work and teamwork, so too does achieving the title of European Capital of Sport,” said Kõlvart, on accepting the award. However, he stressed, “every accolade comes with a responsibility: as a Capital of Sport, we have a role to play as an advocate and promoter of physical activity and sport at European level.”

The European Capital of Sport title is a recognition of an outstanding sporting record that deserves to be highlighted at European level. “Tallinn deserves the title of European Capital of Sport,” said ACES of Europe President Gian Francesco Lupattelli, in handing over the award. “I hope that through the process of preparing for the title and the rich programme of activities that will take place during this year, Tallinn will find new directions and ways to develop sport in an even more sustainable way.”

Kõlvart recognised the enormous efforts of local sports developers, athletes, coaches and sports fans in helping to realise this award. “We have valued the development of community-based sport in Tallinn, and we have created a modern and versatile infrastructure for this. Now we have the opportunity to play our part in the development of community sport across Europe, and I am grateful for this trust.”

Already set to become European Green Capital in 2023, Tallinn sees sport as an essential part of a sustainable and healthy society. “This requires long-term and consistent work, and this is what Tallinn will strive and work towards in the next and all the years to come,” Kõlvart declared.

The esteemed title of European Capital of Sport has lately been the exclusive purview of Eurocities members, with Malaga taking the title in 2021, followed by The Hague this year, Glasgow next year and Genoa in 2024.


Anthony Colclough Eurocities Writer