Social Rights for All: Roma inclusion at local level

2 January 2019

This is the report from the study visit that EUROCITIES organised to Timisoara on 12-14 June 2018. This activity is part of the EUROCITIES mutual learning programme for cities working on Roma inclusion at local level, which receives funding support from the European programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSi) under the strategic partnership with the European Commission DG EMPL.

The study visit followed the ‘critical friend review’ method developed by EUROCITIES. Visiting city experts acted as ‘critical friends’ to provide constructive feedback to the host city with suggestions for areas to improve in its local action plan for Roma inclusion.

The three days of site visits, workshops and fruitful discussions led to a constructive feedback to Timisoara, which in turn, committed to take on board a set of actions to improve its Roma inclusion action plan for 2019. This mentoring study visit has proven the added value of mutual learning between peer cities as the best way to build capacity of local authorities for improving policies and practices with a positive impact on local communities.

What did the participating cities learn from Timisoara? What did Timisoara learn to improve in its approach to Roma inclusion? Find out the answers in the report below.