People-centred artificial intelligence in cities

14 April 2020

Eurocities has developed a response to the European Commission’s (EC) digital strategy package, launched on 18 February 2020, which included the white paper on AI and the European data strategy.

Our response includes key recommendations to the EU:

  • A legislative action to ensure access and use of business to government (B2G) data sharing in the proposed Data Act planned for 2021
  • A central EU body or agency should develop the necessary verification and validation procedures, and guarantee security and public safety
  • A task force composed by AI experts and local public administration experts to better define the different possible high-risk uses.
  • More funding for skills development, digital literacy training and gender equality
  • A future regulatory framework for a trustworthy AI that takes into account the principles defined by the Cities for Digital Rights coalition

In our statement we also highlight the current situation in EU cities on AI adoption and development, including the main opportunities but also challenges cities encounter.

Download the full document below.