Mayor of Warsaw comes close in hard fought national campaign

13 July 2020

According to preliminary results in the Polish presidential elections, Rafał Trzaskowski, the incumbent Mayor of Warsaw, and a member of Eurocities Executive Committee, has just missed out on the top position in an extremely close contest.

Responding to the situation as it looks now, Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General, Eurocities, commented:

“As a leading mayor who I have worked closely with over the past two years within Eurocities, I wish to congratulate Rafał Trzaskowski for such an incredible and close result. Had he won this hard challenge, I am sure he would have been an excellent and innovative president of Poland. As mayor of Warsaw Trzaskowski has shown his commitment not only to European solidarity, but to European values. He has stood up for the LGBT+ community, he has championed climate action and he has worked with other mayors across borders, notably from Prague, Bratislava and Budapest, to demand EU monies are better spent at the level of the citizen. Personally, I look forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation with him in the framework of our network.”

The positions of the two top candidates have arguably split the country, with Trzaskowski presenting clearly contrasting views to that of his opponent.


Alex Godson Media Coordinator


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