Lahti – European Green Capital – joins Green City Accord

28 January 2021

Lahti has been on a journey to clean up over the last 45 years and find new ways to develop a more sustainable urban model, which culminated this year in Lahti becoming the European Green Capital.

Today, as the city’s Mayor Pekka Timonen says in the video below, Lahti has become a leader in the circular economy, and “an inspiring example of a city that transforms itself from an industrial background and history into a modern, advanced, environmental city.”

This model of sustainable transformation is vital for all cities, according to the Mayor, and the Green City Accord is there to set a path to help all cities move forward.

Interested in finding out more about the Green City Accord?

More information can be found on the Green City Accord website.


Laura Baroni Project coordinator
Natalia Altman Project Officer