Innovate in Nantes

2 October 2020

The COVID19 crisis has forced many city administrations to rapidly move public services online. This has accelerated the ongoing digital transition, leading to innovations in the way administrations interact with people.

For example, many cities have promoted online public libraries, offered online cultural activities or shared online maps to help people order goods from local places or simply see where might be open.

Meanwhile, over the past several years, as Anna Lisa Boni explains in an article for Open Access Government, “there has been a growing movement for and recognition by city governments of the need to include people much more in decision-making processes.”

So, how are European cities developing strategies and good practices to boost online citizen engagement? What new ideas can we propose?

This will be the topic of a debate, supported by Eurocities, at the Nantes Innovation Forum on Friday 9 October – register and find out more here.


Alex Godson Eurocities Writer