Helsinki becomes first European city to deliver Sustainable Development report

22 August 2019

Helsinki has taken the lead as the first European city to deliver a sustainable development report to the United Nations (UN). In July, the Finish city presented their report at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF), the yearly UN forum that assesses global progress towards the 2030 Agenda action program.

In September 2018 Helsinki had been the second city in the world (along with New York) to voluntarily provide its own reports on the implementation progress of the SDGs. In the report, Helsinki highlighted its job in carrying out many measures to promote the goals and their successful alignment with the UN sustainable development goals. The results of the report will further guide the city towards creating sustainable policy in the future.

Helsinki’s contribution to the High-Level Political Forum and willingness to proactively engage with the SDGs is an important step to encouraging other cities to also voluntary present reports on their progress towards a sustainable agenda.


Pietro Reviglio Policy Officer on governance