Frankfurt joins Paris climate agreement

21 April 2021

Frankfurt am Main has joined the Paris Declaration on climate, the city’s council has announced.

The government of the city, in the German state of Hesse, gave permission to Mayor Peter Feldmann and Deputy Mayor Rosemarie Heilig to sign the declaration, which sets out a goal and framework to limit damaging global warming to two degrees Celsius and achieve climate neutrality.

Cities around the world were invited to commit to tackling the climate crisis with an additional declaration issued five years to the day after national governments agreed on the original commitment.

At the event, on 11 December 2020, Paris’ mayor Anne Hidalgo and Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti were the first to sign their pledge to lead the way on climate neutrality.

A study found that as many as 54 of the world’s cities are on track to meet the Paris Declaration’s targets.