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Five years after Paris: Cities want EU 2030 reduction target of 60%

7 December 2020

Ahead of the European Council on 10-11 December, mayors warn that the EU 2030 emissions reduction target should be revised upwards to at least 60% by 2030.

“Five years after the Paris agreement, the pandemic has shown sustainability to be a crucial issue on which we cannot fail,” says Dario Nardella, President of Eurocities and Mayor of Florence. “Europe must maintain its global leadership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60% for 2030, laying the groundwork for an inclusive recovery.”

To achieve this urgent task, a new position paper, released today by Eurocities, states that:

  •  The 60% EU-wide target should be supported by a reduction target of at least 55% binding at member state level;
  • The European Commission must strengthen direct collaboration with and support for leading cities;
  • The EU budget and recovery package is a vital tool that can help cities sustain the transformation process towards climate neutrality.

“For a just and green recovery in Europe, the recovery plans must match the needs of cities,” said Nardella. “This is no time for national vetoes. Our cities cannot afford any delay.” With recovery efforts now central to municipal budget plans, any delay in decisions at EU level “means a financial massacre on cities,” concluded Nardella.

The revised 2030 emission reduction target should also be included in the post-2020 Nationally Determined Contributions, which will be submitted by EU member states by the end of the year.


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