Policy papers

EUROCITIES contribution to post-2020 EU Roma Framework

8 May 2019

EUROCITIES formulated a contribution from cities to influence the upcoming proposal of the European Commission for the future strategic framework for Roma inclusion post-2020.

To push for a more effective EU strategic approach to Roma inclusion after 2020, EUROCITIES formulated concrete recommendations on how the EU and member states should work together with cities to improve Roma inclusion in Europe.

Our key messages for the post-2020 EU Roma framework are:

  • Adopt an integrated approach to Roma inclusion and involve cities in all stages of policy making to ensure that the local needs of Roma communities are met effectively.
  • Set up a multi-level governance mechanism for Roma inclusion to enable EU, national and local authorities to work together, coordinate and mutually reinforce their strategies and tailor them to the local needs of Roma communities.
  • Improve access of city authorities to EU and national funding to support the integrated measures and services for Roma inclusion at local level.

EUROCITIES Contribution to post-2020 Roma framework