Culture and demographic change: new Eurocities recommendations

3 April 2019

Our new recommendations for cities, cultural institutions and practitioners were developed by the EUROCITIES young people and culture working group and aim to strengthen the strategic planning and development of local cultural institutions facing challenges linked to demographic changes.

Demographic changes are giving rise to a number of challenges

  • changing populations in cities – what will future audiences and cultural players look like? Populations vary greatly between European cities, some see growing numbers of young families and senior citizens while others have declining populations. A far more diverse population needs to be integrated than in the past and intercultural dialogue remains key in cities’ cultural strategies.
  • every citizen has the right to culture – how should cities and cultural institutions meet the needs and expectations of changing populations? What new cultural offers have to be developed?
  • how can the intercultural projects of cultural institutions be turned into permanent and successful programmes? How can municipalities help institutions face such challenges?

Our recommendations focus on creating the right framework for change, changing mindsets and developing new programmes and offers.