City news: Guimaraes public art concept

13 October 2020

Guimaraes was once a leading industrial city. At the end of the 19th Century it hosted the Industrial Exhibition of 1884, but since then the fate of its industries has been transformed. Some have disappeared, others have modernised, and their location has shifted from the city centre to its periphery.

As such, the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st century repositioned Guimaraes on the national and international scene.

The historic centre was considered World Heritage by UNESCO in 2001, and by betting on arts and culture as new engines of growth and development, the city was crowned European Capital of Culture in 2012.

This is the context in which the ‘Bairro C’ project will endeavour to reinterpret the historic leather zone, by using public art as an activation tool to make people reconsider the space around them.

The project, which will take place over three years, has already created a mural in a park near the municipal market, and local people have been invited to give their suggestions for what to do with the space.

The hope is that the project will help raise awareness among people about the importance of their historical and natural heritage, while involving people in developing public policy for the future use of such areas.

Volunteers working on a mural to bring life to a neglected area and open up new walkways through the city


Alex Godson Eurocities Writer