Cities want EU to help against Airbnb

18 September 2020

Mayors of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and other European cities ask for a better regulation of digital platforms like Airbnb. In a meeting with European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager in September, city leaders described the negative effects of uncontrolled rentals, above all that it reduces the stock for affordable housing of residents.

“We cannot ensure the right to housing, if Airbnb and short-term housing rental platforms do not comply with the rules that govern the real estate market,” said Laia Bonet, Deputy Mayor for Barcelona.

Speaking to Eurocities ahead of the meeting with Vestager, Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, said: “We are not against the platforms, but they must abide with local and national regulations. It is time for a new European regulatory approach that serves first and foremost the general interest, which is for us accessibility of housing and the liveability in our cities.”

Cities demand better access to data: which locations are used for short-term holiday rentals, on how many days, for how many guests. This should be included in the new European Digital Services Act, which is currently in preparation under Vestager’s responsibility.

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Image: Anti Airbnb campaign in Berlin ©darren_cullen via Twitter


Alex Godson Media Coordinator


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