Amsterdam, Lille and Bologna tackle energy poverty

29 December 2022

According to the European Parliamentary think tank, energy poverty is a multi-dimensional phenomenon caused by low income, high energy expenses, and poor energy efficiency in buildings.

The promising shift towards a faster and more sustainable energy transition for all can become an opportunity for mitigating energy poverty.

Tackling energy poverty becomes essential since fossil fuel continues to dominate our power supply and 75% of EU buildings are deemed energy inefficient. Up to one in four European households cannot afford to adequately heat, cool, or light their homes.

Many cities are already embarking on innovative local projects to tackle social exclusion while implementing climate actions and mitigating present and future energy poverty effects, such as Amsterdam, Lille and Bologna.

Cities are ready and want to work together with the EU, national governments, private sectors and local people to find the best solutions to fight energy poverty and avoid social exclusion.


Marta Buces Eurocities Writer