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  • News 24 May 2024

    Preventing food crises through collaboration

    In Warsaw, cities discussed how food systems are connected and vulnerable to crises. The key to build resilience in the face of these crises lies in collaboration.

    8 minute read
  • News 20 March 2024

    Local retail, the backbone of our cities

    Local retail fosters economic stability, creates employment and forms the foundation of social cohesion. European cities are supporting, strengthening and revitalising local retail to sustain urban life and contribute to the vibrancy of communities.

    6 minute read
  • Opinion News 14 November 2023

    Cities are building the social Europe of tomorrow

    Over three days, city representatives from all around Europe focused on empowering vulnerable groups following the multiple crises cities have faced in recent years, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, spikes in food and energy prices, migration, and climate-related disasters.

    8 minute read
  • News 21 July 2023

    Eurocities listens to the voices of cities

    The Eurocities Monitor offers a deep dive into how European cities are emerging as leaders of change, tackling global challenges and becoming a greener, more sustainable and liveable place for citizens.

    6 minute read
  • News 12 June 2023

    Eurocities survey takes the pulse of mayors

    What are the main priorities and challenges for Europe's city mayors in the coming years? The first annual Eurocities Pulse Mayors Survey collected the responses of 92 mayors from 28 European countries to uncover the major urban trends in 2023. Among its key findings: climate action, sustainable transport and tackling local inequalities are top of mayors' agendas.

    8 minute read
  • Opinion News 19 May 2023

    The century of cities – interview

    Will cities rule the world? Greg Clark doesn't think so, but the moderator of the Brussels Urban Summit does insist that local leaders must be invested with more power if we're to face the challenges besetting the globe.

    11 minute read
  • Stories 9 February 2023

    A first-chance plan

    Support for homeless people and prevention for those at risk are high priorities on Zaragoza’s municipal agenda. The Spanish city follows the First Chance Plan, launched in 2018 and adapted throughout the years to find tailored actions aligned with the housing first approach. 

    5 minute read
  • Stories 9 January 2023

    Preserving a treasure: children’ mental health

    One in ten children and young people in Great Britain suffer from a mental health illness, findings from a new London School of Economics study show. In Scotland, Glasgow designed a holistic health and wellbeing approach to fight mental issues. The first step? Prevention in schools.

    5 minute read
  • Stories 6 January 2023

    Sustainable tourism makes Malaga another planet

    “The change was stunning as a person living there - It was like waking up on another planet.”

    5 minute read
  • Stories 3 January 2023

    Redesigning urban spaces

    In Leeds, the municipality adapted the old town to the new uses of citizens, and those changes came to stay.

    4 minute read