Tbilisi fascinates its visitors at first sight with an interesting blend of old and new architecture. Here you’ll find everything: an old castle and ruins of medieval walls, ancient baths and centuries-old churches, elegant European classical, neoclassical and art nouveau houses and palaces, Haussmannian avenues, Soviet and ultramodern buildings, all making up the eclectic architectural tissue of the city.

Over the centuries, diverse cultural heritage has enabled Tbilisi to become a melting pot of different nationalities, religions, generations, and interests. Despite their differences, they have managed to coexist and live together peacefully. In multicultural Tbilisi you can find the Orthodox, Catholic and Armenian churches, Jumah mosque, and synagogue standing side by side in, close proximity to each other.

A vibrant cultural life and enchanting urban environment are the most precious gems the city can offer. Rustaveli Avenue, Aghmashenebeli Avenue and Old Tbilisi are the major tourist hubs of the city. Theatres and concert venues offer a broad and rich programme to spend your evening or pass your free time. Festivalgoers are spoilt for choice, as Tbilisi hosts exciting music, theatre and cinema festivals all year round.

Tbilisi is also a gourmet paradise, where food becomes art. Georgian gastronomy is incredibly rich in variety, with flavours and fresh seasonal ingredients. It is full of personality with a refined and sophisticated palate. Here every region has its own authentic culinary traditions and Tbilisi brings together all the excellences from all over the country.

Complementing Georgian food in the most spectacular fashion, Tbilisi is packed with wine cellars and bodegas showcasing natural wines from all over Georgia. With 8,000 years of history, traditional wine-making technique with lemon-shaped clay vessels is acclaimed by UNESCO. Characterized with exceptional flavour, complexity, and colour Georgian wine adds an extra edge to the wine and food scene of Tbilisi.

Kakha Kaladze Mayor
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