Finance your sustainable energy project

8 December 2020

Budgets may be shrinking, but sustainable energy ambitions of cities are not. More than ever, innovation must be the name of the game. Eurocities has helped collect the experiences of 195 public authorities through the EU-funded project PROSPECT, giving cities guidance on the ideas that are out there for innovative sustainable energy financing, how they work, and what kinds of contexts they are suitable in. Read the fruit of three year’s work in peer-learning on energy financing here.

From green bonds to crowd financing, from private buildings to public lighting, we have great ideas and examples from Almada to Zagreb, you can find it all in the tools developed by PROSPECT between 2017 and 2020 all available at the prospect website here. Whether you’re after best practices, peer mentoring strategies, cities’ needs, or just want to know about the impact of the project, it’s all available at here. Looking for more? Feel free to contact Anne Charlotte Trapp for further information or to navigate the wealth of knowledge produced through PROSPECT. You can also read a summary of all the work that went on in the project here.