Eurocities 2022 Espoo: An Era of new Beginnings

7 February 2022

Eurocities 2022 Espoo will take place from 8 to 10 June.

The Covid19 pandemic is still ongoing and has forced us to rethink our future. The resilience of cities has been tested in many ways. Now it’s time to look at the big challenges the cities need to solve, and create a new vision. Eurocities 2022 Espoo will be about bold ideas and ambitions for the cities of the future but also about tools helping us to get there.

The conference will be composed of three movements

Dream – First, we’ll dream together. What is the future city like? What are the values of the next generation that guide our cities forward? What do cities that meet the goals of the European Green Deal and the Agenda 2030 look like? We cannot dream the future without involving the dreams and fears of the next generation in the discussion. We’ll share ideas with bold young thinkers, the Future Mentors.

Act – After dreaming it’s time to act. We’ll show the work done in cities. How do cities co-create together with their community? How is a culture of trust created with companies, citizens, the academia to work together for the same goal? How to tap into the whole potential of the city when creating a sustainable future and growth? How are global agendas, like the SDGs used as tools to create concrete action?

Lead – The biggest challenge of our time is climate change. In this part of the conference, we’ll focus on the leadership of the cities in solving the climate crisis. The European Green Deal and the ambitious Mission for 100 Climate Neutral Cities by 2030 show the way for climate ambitious European cities. Eurocities 2022 will showcase the best European solutions for carbon neutral cities to learn from each other.

The guiding principle of Eurocities 2022 will be doing things together, finding new ways of making a difference, not just as individual cities but as a European network and a global movement of cities. The power of our network is in connections between people and in shared ideas, and we will nurture this with an interactive and inspiring conference.   We’re excited to organise the first Eurocities annual conference in the summer. We plan to take full advantage of the lush summer nature and the endless light of the Nordic summer. We believe that taking the people out of the usual conference setting will spark new ideas and interactions, powered by the magical Nordic summer.

More information on the conference website


Nicola Vatthauer Director for Events, Planning & Statutory Affairs