‘Cities developing solutions: Resilience and Beyond’ in Istanbul

29 September 2023

Where: Istanbul Congress Centre (October 4-6) and Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus (October 7)

When: 5 October 2023

Eurocities has partnered with the Marmara Municipalities Union for the Marmara Urban Forum (MARUF) 2023. This year’s forum focuses on ‘Cities developing solutions: Resilience and Beyond’  and takes place in Istanbul from 4-7 October 2023.

The event will host discussions on a wide range of topics impacting the local level and bring together urban thinkers around debates on making cities more liveable, sustainable, resilient, and inclusive.

Cities pose the questions for the basic requirements of a sustainable, high quality of life for everyone. Local governments can combat crises and vulnerabilities in areas such as natural disasters, climate change, economic problems, population density and human mobility, to name a few. The Marmara Urban Forum 2023 plans to rethink and act together as ‘solution-producing cities,’ going beyond resilience, sharing good practices, and developing new collaborations and solutions.

Head of Migration, Katharina Bamberg, will participate in MARUF 2023 to represent Eurocities alongside other international city networks. “The Marmara Urban Forum is a hub for exchanges and mutual learning,” said Bamberg. “With this event, the Marmara Municipalities Union brings together all relevant actors to exchange and learn how to make our cities more inclusive for everyone”.

Marmara Urban Forum is Türkiye’s first national urban forum. The Marmara Municipalities Union organises the forum event every two years.

View the programme for the event.

You can register for the event via this link.


Marta Buces Eurocities Writer