Policy papers

The path to sustainable urban mobility

4 November 2019

Three trends will shape the evolution of mobility in our cities: decarbonisation, demand and digitalisation. A European Green Deal should encompass and shape these trends if we are to achieve our vision.

The cities of today face challenges of climate change, air pollution, traffic accidents, noise, accessibility and managing urban space, among others. Only through collaboration between all levels of government can we deliver solutions that meet our citizens’ expectations for a better future and provide a just transition.

Our vision for mobility in our cities is one focused on people. We aim for a future in which people live and move in a healthy environment. Our expectation is that people take part in an inclusive society and progress in a prosperous local economy. We believe that city authorities must address global challenges.

To achieve this, our network have proposed concrete recommendations on key mobility policy areas and we look forward to working with the EU insittutions and Member States to make these a reality.

  • Decarbonisation
    • Road transport emissions
    • Alternative fuels infrastructure
    • Shipping and aviation
  • Demand
    • Sustainable modal shift
    • Urban vehicle access regulations
    • Road safety and active mobility
    • Freight and logistics
  • Digitalisation
    • New mobility services
    • Cooperative intelligent transport systems
    • Automated vehicles


Thomas Willson Policy Advisor and Project Coordinator (Mobility, Air Quality)