The Nordic Way – innovative financing for climate

5 October 2020

Are you interested in learning about innovative ways to finance sustainable projects within the field of energy, mobility, and energy-effective buildings? The upcoming webinar from our Prospect project will explore the options, and present a best practice from Stavanger that links businesses, municipal and regional authorities. You’ll also hear about the Prospect peer-learning programme, and the opportunities it may hold for you.


To register, please send an email signalling your interest to

The event will take place on Microsoft Teams and you will need to register to receive the link.

Who should participate?

Local authorities, Provincial or Regional authorities, Energy Agencies and all those who are supporting the public sector in implementing their energy transition.


12.00                                     Welcome
Mrs. Runa Monstad, Director, Stavanger Region European Office


12.10                                     Introduction
Mrs. Bernadett Degrendele, PROSPECT facilitator, EUROCITIES


12.15                                     Setting the stage: Innovative financing in the Stavanger Region
Mr. Rune Dahl Fitjar, Pro-rector for Innovation and Society, University of   Stavanger


12.20                                    Lyse
Mr. Dagfinn Wåge, Head of Innovation, Lyse


12.45                                     Nordic Edge
Mr. Stig Finnesand, CEO, Nordic Edge


13:10                                     Municipality of Gjesdal
Mr. Frode Fjeldsbø, Mayor of Gjesdal Municipality


13:35                                     Summary and take-aways