Tech talks

Cities have been at the forefront of dealing with the COVID19 crisis, whether implementing restrictions, protecting vulnerable citizens, supporting businesses, or preparing for getting people back to work and into schools. We have seen that technology is at the centre of the response by European cities across all sectors.

Eurocities’ experts on smart and digital technologies will be holding two open online sessions next week, when they also meet to agree Eurocities policy positions and share learnings between cities.

Digital resilience for future cities – Monday 21 September (11:30 – 13:00 CET)

The first, a political panel session, will focus on the role technology can play in cities’ adaptation to changing realities, the panel with politicians from Barcelona, Ghent, Manchester and Milan will showcase the cities’ actions in response to COVID19 and discuss challenges and conditions for reinforcing the resilience of cities for the future.

Manchester Tech Talks – Monday 21 September (15:00 – 16:30 CET)

Following the panel debate, the Manchester Tech Talks will start in the afternoon, and will provide insights on digital tools that have been developed by cities in response to COVID-19. Cologne, Manchester and Newcastle will showcase their smart city approaches and solutions with digital inclusion at the heart.

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Lodewijk Noordzij Policy Officer Digital Transformation


  • The glass city hall

    Paweł Adamowicz, former Mayor of Gdansk, has left a lasting legacy in the city in the form of its openness policy.

    4 minutes read
  • Digital dynamo

    Why thinking big, telling a good story and daring to be different are putting Espoo on the fast track to a sustainable future.

    5 minutes read
  • Street smart

    Walking down Bogoridi Street in Burgas feels like stepping into the past – you might not suspect that this wide, sand-hued street is one of the most high-tech public spaces in Europe. The old-style streetlamps are more than they seem...

    5 minutes read
  • Do it digital

    Turku mayor, Minna Arve, is conscious of the importance of ensuring access for those with limited digital literacy, “we have to be sure that all our citizens are involved, and they have the know-how and education.”

    2 minutes read
  • Public discontent

    “We didn’t see it coming, and we didn’t know how to handle it.. There was a huge rejection against those smart meters. People felt it was like big brother who was entering into their homes and monitoring when they were going to bed and when they were having a shower and when they were making love to their husbands.”

    6 minutes read
  • The world is over. Time to save it.

    We did our best to save the world, but now it’s too late for that. This is the premise of the game Age of Energy, which is harnessing its addictive power to cajole young people into energy saving behaviour.

    5 minutes read
  • Power to the patients

    In the Finnish city of Oulu people don't need to go to the doctor as often as elsewhere. Digital technology helps them to take care of their own health matters.

    5 minutes read
  • Once upon a Tyne

    141 years ago, electric street lighting represented the pinnacle of technological development. Today so much more is possible.

    5 minutes read
  • Who cares about sharing?

    People prefer car sharing, where you drive a car alone but share it with others, to ride sharing, where you drive together with other people. “You feel obliged to interact with other people. With ride sharing, you feel like you have to give something back. This is social indebtedness, and people generally don’t want that in everyday life.”

    6 minutes read
  • Balancing tech & community

    Boosting startups & community life.

    1 minute read