Smart City Expo World Congress: Cities inspired by people

2 November 2022

WHAT: Smart City Expo World Congress 22.
WHERE: FIRA Barcelona
WHEN: 15-17 November 2022

Our cities are bubbling with inspiration. We’ll be at the Smart City World Expo this year sharing that inspiration, and helping cities engage with European initiatives that can boost it.

The Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 will focus on Cities Inspired by People, sustainable cities in which public transport coexists with new mobility options; inclusive cities where streets and public services are accessible for all; safe cities which address both security and privacy concerns; collective cities where collaboration and participation becomes a pivot to build a better, thriving future.

At the European Commission’s stand, we will present ideas on delivering services in a time of war, the potential of AI for shaping cities, involving communities in digitalisation and more.

Eurocities will be there!

We will share a stand with the European Commission, along with other projects, and will present the Living-in.EU project.

On 15 November, Eurocities will take part in the 2022 UserCentriCities Summit: What Citizens Need, What Cities Can Deliver, How Kyiv and Leading Cities Use Digital Technology to Serve Citizens in Times of War and Dislocation.

The 2022 UserCentriCities Summit

Tuesday, 15 November 2022
12h00-13h30 CET
Followed by a Networking Lunch
No registration fee



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On 16 November, from 09:30h to 10:15h, Eurocities organises the AGORA session “Living-in.EU: supporting the responsible use of AI in cities”, which will take place at the Central Agora in the Expo area.

It will showcase how city authorities are developing and implementing practices and tools for more responsible use of AI while joining forces to upscale its impact across the EU. Cities are developing safeguards through algorithm registries, impact assessment tools and standard contractual clauses for procurement while fostering trust in AI.

Living-in.EU is the multilevel governance initiative and collaborative platform that helps align these practices and accelerates the digital transformation of cities and communities. More information about the session here.

In the afternoon, from 13:45 – 14:45h, will be at the Agora session “Digital Twins for Local Decision Makers” organised by DG CNECT, which will take place in the Green Agora in the Expo Area. This session will focus on digital twins for local decision-makers, what the obstacles to their development and deployment are, and where to start if a city wants to build one. You can find more information about this session here.

Also on 16 November, from 9:00-10:30, the project will host a session on “Governance and digitalisation: Digitalisation at the local level – How to get all cities and communities involved, making use of past and present projects?” in the EC booth in the Expo area located just in front of the Congress entrance.

Living-in EU logo

This session will bring together a selected number of projects to discuss how to involve all cities and communities (also outside the project consortiums) and capitalise on results. We will discuss how multilevel governance can facilitate this process and help to speed up digital transformation. Multilevel governance is at the core of the movement. The aim is to start the discussion on the expectations of projects and networks vis-à-vis the movement and position the movement as the to-go-place for sharing and upscaling. 

This November, 24,000+ global city changers from 700+ cities will come together to #SCEWC22 to keep nurturing an international innovation community, spark cross-sectoral conversations to forge new partnerships, discover the latest solutions from 1,000+ exhibitors and draw inspiration from an unparalleled conference lineup.

As was the case in 2021, this year’s edition of SCEWC will be a hybrid experience, with the physical event coming back to Barcelona and a parallel digital programme broadcast by Tomorrow.City. Following on from last year’s success, we’re continuing with our cross-platform approach and a widened community – and we want you to be part of it.