Policy papers

Real impact of culture

4 December 2020

How do we measure the cross-sectoral value and impact of culture, particularly the social impact, across a range of demographics? Knowing this would help cities to advocate for greater investment in culture, as many cities lack reliable or suitable data, knowledge or methodologies.

We’ve been working to deepen our understanding in areas like:

  • What difference do arts and culture make to people’s lives? And how can we measure this difference?
  • How can cities evidence the impact of arts and culture activities in terms of health, wellbeing and communities?
  • How can cultural professionals make sure that the cultural sector will be considered in times of crisis, for its impacts on society at large?

Working intensively with cities, we have come up with some answers to these questions, which you can find in our digest of inspiring examples here. You can read a report on this topic from Gothenburg here.


Interested in what cities had to say on the matter? You can enjoy two discussions held on the topic below:

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