Join artists from nine of Spain’s UNESCO creative cities

22 October 2020

Experts and artists from nine of Spain’s UNESCO creative cities will host a virtual meeting of the creative field, to be held across all nine cities for the first time. Under the title ‘Preventive Creativity’, the event will include roundtables led by representatives from Granada, Burgos and Llíria to discuss different realities of the cultural sector facing the current crisis, artists’ resilience in this adversity and the role of creativity in the reconstruction of the cities for the future.

Presenters will include author Manuel Vicent, editor Silvia Sesé, chefs Quique Dacosta and Miguel Cobo, musicians Llibert Fortuny and Mario Torrijo, film experts Roberto Lozano, Jesús Lens and Iván Miñambresand, and paleontologist Eudald Carbonell. Other artists from fields as diverse as sculpture, design, drawing and architecture will also participate.

Find out more about Terrassa, city of film, here.


Monday 26 October:

17.30  Welcome session by Creative Cities.

18.00 Will we withstand? Our artists facing the crisis.


Wednesday 28 October

5.30 p.m. Are we reinventing ourselves? Solutions in a new scenario.

7.00 p.m. Can we imagine? The future of creative cities.


You can take part by clicking on the YouTube channel of Terrasa City of Film here.


Anthony Colclough Eurocities Writer