7 October 2020

What knowledge gaps need to be addressed to implement city climate action plans? What forms of innovation are undertaken by cities to address climate change? How can these ideas be applied elsewhere? What are the current priorities of cities around the world to accelerate climate action and green recovery, and who are the key partners and youth leaders to make it happen?

Over the course of five interactive sessions, cities and their partners, per relevant global time zone, will be invited to engage in a generative space to refine and validate regional research and innovation strategies, discover and deliberate on innovation needs, opportunities and priorities.

Innovate4Cities Day at Daring Cities

On 15 October, over the course of 24 hours, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) will present for the first time the results of research into regional research and innovation needs, opportunities and priorities.

The Innovate4Cities team will present regional snapshots of identified knowledge gaps and needs for city climate ambition. In these sessions, we want to enrich these snapshots with innovative ideas, missed opportunities and partnerships. For every session we will be working together with city network partners and we will ask a local city to offer its reflections on the presented needs and priorities. Student Energy will also bring in the voice of the youth and future leadership. Session attendees should be ready to run with adding ideas!

The goal of this event is to obtain initial feedback on the knowledge gaps and innovations identified and feed these additional insights into regionally relevant, tailor-made research and innovation strategies and implementation plans. The aim for these strategies is also to assess impact and trigger partnerships to deliver them. Feedback from these workshops will contribute to further exploration of implementation opportunities. After registration, delegates will receive a consent form to participate in the research project which will explain confidentiality, how the findings will be publishes, and how you can stay informed.

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Eugenia Mansutti Projects coordinator & Policy Advisor (Covenant of Mayors, Climate and Energy)