Get ready – the Green City Accord is about to launch

The Green City Accord, a new movement of Mayors committed to ensuring protection of the environment, will officially kick-off at the European Week of Regions and Cities.

Join us online on 22 October at 11:30. Speakers include: Joanna Drake, Deputy Director-General and Claudia Fusco, Head of Environmental Knowledge, Eco-Innovation and SMEs, from DG Environment of the European Commission; and Juan Espadas Cejas, Mayor of Seville. More speakers to be confirmed soon.

By joining the Green City Accord, cities commit themselves to more ambitious environmental actions, thus making their cities cleaner, healthier and more resource efficient. Stepping up local actions will also help the implementation of the EU’s environmental objectives, including the much-vaunted European Green Deal.

The Green City Accord, an initiative of the European Commission, will focus on the domains of air, water, nature & biodiversity, waste & circular economy, and noise. It will provide support to cities that are ready to make headway towards the following goals by 2030:

  • Significant improvement in air quality in their cities and moving closer to respecting the World Health Organisation’s Air Quality Guidelines
  • Important progress in achieving the quality of water bodies and the efficiency of water use
  • Considerable increases in the extent and quality of green areas in cities, including by halting the loss of and restoring urban ecosystems
  • Advancing the circular economy, including by securing a significant improvement in the management of household municipal waste, a substantial improvement in recycling, and a reduction in waste generation
  • Significant reduction in noise pollution in their cities moving closer to the World Health Organisation’s recommended levels

Eurocities – alongside ICLEI and CEMR – is supporting the European Commission in developing and implementing the Accord. Join the launch event by registering here before 27 September. Please note that an EU Login and double-factor authentication is required to register; a guide explaining this process is available here.

For more information regarding the Green City Accord, please visit
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Laura Baroni Project coordinator
Natalia Altman Project Officer


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