Policy papers

Eurocities statement on the Drinking Water Directive

30 May 2018

EUROCITIES welcomes the European Commission’s new proposal as a step forward towards the provision of clean and safe water provisions for all. City authorities are committed to contributing to the access of essential services, including water. We support measures that contribute to increase citizens’ confidence in tap water, such as the mandatory installation indoor and outdoor equipment for water provision, awareness-raising measures and information to consumers, but we stress the need for clearer coordination and definition of responsibilities.

We consider health and safety as the top priority for drinking water. We therefore stress that monitoring requirements need to be based on local circumstances and ask for clearer guidance on contact materials through the Drinking Water Directive. As it is not feasible for cities to monitor possible or actual risks due to domestic distribution networks, we underline that building owners should be responsible for distribution.


Louise Coffineau Policy Advisor (Water, Circular Economy, Climate)