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EUROCITIES report on ‘Early childhood education and child welfare’ in European cities

8 November 2019

EUROCITIES has published a second report on how cities ensure early childhood education and child welfare in cities. As part of the ‘Cities delivering social rights’ initiative, the publication reports on cities’ policy initiatives and good practices in line with the principle 11 of the European Pillar of Social Rights – childcare and support to children.

Quality early childhood education and care (ECEC) is essential for giving children a good start in life and an effective means to address inequality and socioeconomic disadvantages. In addition to fostering social inclusion, affordable and quality ECEC is necessary for parental employment and female labour market participation. It is a key measure for achieving sustainable and inclusive growth.

The European Pillar of Social Rights recognises those needs in principle 11 “Childcare and support to children” and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through goal 4 on “Inclusive and equitable quality education.

The publication is based on 23 cities’ responses in 15 EU member states, gives general trends and inspiring practices regarding actions to tackle childhood education and child welfare in the cities.

Based on the cities challenges and actions, EUROCITIES proposed some policy recommendations for the cities, the member states and the EU to provide all children with global and sufficient education and care services.

EUROCITIES report – early childhood education and child welfare