Eurocities Environment Forum 2023 – Powering our cities

15 February 2023

The urgency of a just transition to a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 is repeatedly highlighted in our turbulent times. First and foremost, through the climate and biodiversity crises, then through the pandemic, and now by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine escalating into the first truly global energy crisis.

Cities from around Europe will meet in Ghent at the Eurocities Environment Forum 2023 to share their response to these times of crisis, with a focus on innovative collaboration with the industrial and other sectors.

Cities will explore the impact of proposed European initiatives on funding for local infrastructure, discussing their views directly with EU policymakers; the global climate emergency and cooperation with businesses, including the EU platform for sustainable financing and streamlining environmental concerns through urban policies on small and medium enterprises; and strategies for future-proofing the workforce, recognising the key role that people and skills play in building sustainable local economies.

Eurocities member cities will have exclusive access to the full in-person programme from 26-28 April, but all are welcome to join the live online broadcast on Thursday 27 April, from 09.30-12.30 CET.

The broadcast will be live streamed on this page, including contributions from the Chief Executive Officer of Solar Power Europe and Deputy Mayor of Helsinki.


Anthony Colclough Eurocities Writer