Eurocities Economic Development Forum 2023 – Igniting innovation

22 March 2023

From the energy and cost of living crisis to climate change, cities are using local economic policy to equip themselves with the tools to tackle global challenges. This year’s Eurocities Economic Development Forum will explore how cities across Europe are boosting entrepreneurship, skills, and innovation to create a socially just transition to a green future.

Livestream links:

Thursday Morning

Thursday Afternoon

Friday Morning

Cities will explore the impact of proposed European initiatives on funding for local infrastructure, discussing their views directly with EU policymakers; the global climate emergency and cooperation with businesses and universities, including the EU platform for sustainable financing and streamlining environmental concerns through urban policies on small and medium enterprises; and strategies for future-proofing the workforce, recognising the key role that people and skills play in building sustainable local economies.

Eurocities member cities will have exclusive access to the full in-person programme from 22-24 March, but all are welcome to join the live online broadcast on Thursday 23 March, from 08.00-11.00 CET and 13.10-14.00 CET, and Friday 24 March, from 08.00-09.30 CET.

The broadcast will be live streamed on this page, including an official welcome from the Mayor of Helsinki and the Secretary General of Eurocities, keynote speeches from the European Business Network and European Investment Bank.




Denisa Naidin Head of Economic Development