EU Green Week: Clean and circular water

11 May 2021

Clean and circular water: an opportunity to foster healthier cities and regions

EU policy on water issues has been particularly fervent in recent times. New EU rules on water reuse and initiatives – kicked-off lately to align urban waste water legislation with the ambition of the European Green Deal – together with the upcoming Zero Pollution Action Plan, will provide excellent conditions for instilling more sustainability and circularity into the water management sector in the near future. Municipalities and regions in fact play a decisive role in counteracting most of the worrying trends on water: they are engaged in increasing the sustainability and circularity of the water management sector to better protect water as well as citizens’ health from the hazards that may be engendered by human activities.

Friday 7 June 14.00-15.30 CET

Keynote by Oriana Romano, Head of Unit Water Governance and Circular Economy in Cities, OECD

Panel discussion
Good practices and recommendations for the EU water legislation:

  • Adapting urban water system to address climate change (10’) – Marieke Schouten, Alderman of the municipality of Nieuwegein and CoR member
  • Urban circular water in Porto (10’) – Filippe Araujo, Vice-Mayor of the city of Porto
  • A holistic approach to pharmaceuticals and microplastics in water (10’) – Carla Chiaretti, Head of Policy, EurEAU
  • Making the EU legislation waterproof (10’) – Nele-Frederike Rosenstock, DG ENV, European Commission

Guided discussions with panellists and participants (15’)

Concluding remarks (10’)

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Louise Coffineau Policy Advisor (Water, Circular Economy, Climate)