Cities Social Summit

31 March 2021

Cities are essential partners in delivering the European Pillar of Social Rights action plan and ensuring a fair, inclusive and sustainable recovery. Being home to over 75% of Europe’s population, cities are the engines of Europe’s economies, the beating hearts of Europe’s societies and the closest level of government to Europe’s people. Cities are responsible for implementing more than half of the EU’s social policies and cover two thirds of the total public social investment. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen cities step up as leaders on the frontline of this crisis, putting in place immediate measures to save jobs, help local businesses and protect the most vulnerable people. The road to a stronger social Europe by 2030 needs cities in the driving seat, now more than ever, to bring Europe closer to citizens and bring all people on board for just transitions.

  • What is the vision of cities for an inclusive and sustainable recovery, and how to make it happen?
  • How can we better connect green, digital and social recovery with the right investments in the recovery plans?
  • How can cities contribute to the European Pillar of Social Rights action plan and ensure that it makes a real difference for people on the ground?

Join us to discuss these questions and more with mayors and deputy mayors from cities across Europe. City leaders will reaffirm their strong commitment to deliver the European Pillar of Social Rights and will announce new city pledges to making ‘Inclusive Cities for All’ with concrete actions and social investments at local level. We will reflect on what cities have done so far to promote social rights for all people, what challenges remain and what more cities can do to contribute to the EU 2030 targets for employment, skills and poverty reduction. Taking a step further, city leaders will propose to EU and national leaders a new pact to work together between all levels of government to connect the European Pillar of Social Rights action plan with the EU Green Deal and with the right investments under the recovery plans at local, national and EU level.

The Eurocities President, Mayor Dario Nardella, will bring the conclusions from the cities’ social summit to the EU and national leaders at the EU Social Summit on 7 May in Porto to reaffirm the cities’ strong commitment to be partners in shaping and delivering the new EU social agenda for an inclusive, resilient and sustainable recovery in Europe, leaving no one behind.

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