Metz, in north-east France, borders Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium, and is easy to access by road, rail, air and waterway. A creative and sustainable European city, Metz is a great place to live, work and study.

Its combination of lively shopping streets and riverside walks make Metz ideal for pedestrians, cyclists and those in search of a mix of amusement and relaxation. Family-friendly parks and gardens are part of the city lifestyle, just like the animated terraces, cafés and bars. Picturesque wine-producing villages, hills and forests of the Metropole surround the city.

On the water or beside it, the city’s lake and rivers are a favourite with tourists and locals. Solar-powered boat trippers get close to nature and picnickers enjoy the tree-lined banks near the Blue Flag leisure port. Pleasures that the city intends to develop.

Home of Urban Ecology, there are 52 m² of green space per habitant. Nature embellishes its historic quarters and annual ephemeral gardens create stunning displays. Metz is a 4-flower city that blooms all year round.

Each neighbourhood has its own identity. Well-preserved historical buildings like its 800-year-old cathedral stand alongside newly developing quarters with signature buildings by award-winning architects.

A recognised City of Art and History, the medieval place Saint Louis with its arcades, the Porte des Allemands gateway, classical architecture of the theatre and town hall, the diverse neo-styles and intricately decorated train station in the imperial district tell the story of a city that embraces change without neglecting its roots.

These buildings form the backdrop to the many street fairs and busy programme of festivities like the summer digital arts festival Constellations de Metz, the Hop Hop Hop festival that brings street theatre across the metropole, and the renowned Christmas markets.

Music is the city’s heartbeat. Its venues: the BAM, Trinitaires and Arsenal cater for all tastes. There is a unique ambiance at each site: Gregorian Chant, originating from Metz, in a Roman sports hall, opera at the 18th century Opera-Theatre, or the Orchestre National de Metz on outreach in a local school. Metz is a proud and active member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for Music.

All senses are engaged at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, whose world-class exhibitions of modern and contemporary art surprise and delight. While at FRAC Lorraine, cutting-edge contemporary art exhibitions thrill in a 12th century mansion.

François Grosdidier Mayor
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