Banja Luka

Banja Luka is a modern European city and an important centre in the region. The city proposes a safe and green environment for healthy living, paired with a rich cultural offer and many sports facilities. Banja Luka recognises and values its people’s entrepreneurship, knowledge, skills and success.

Called the city of youth and sports, in Banja Luka, visitors and residents alike can enjoy water sports such as kayaking, rafting and sport fishing on the Vrbas River. Crossing the river is also the characteristic ‘dajak’ boat, and the city boasts unique infrastructure that enables night rafting thanks to the illuminated rafting route. After all the excitement, people can enjoy Banja Luka’s traditional food, its beer, considered a nectar, and some tasty Trappist cheese.

The history of the city can be found in the city centre, at the mouth of the rivers Crkvena and Vrbas. The Kastel is where the city was founded, and it still today represents its historical core. Western and Eastern civilisations meet in Banja Luka with various religious communities and their temples. Of particular interest are the Serbian Orthodox Church of Christ the Savior, the Ferhat Pasha Mosque in the city centre, as well as the Marija Zvijezda Monastery in Trapisti.

The cultural offer in Banja Luka is second to none, with the cultural centre Banski dvor, the National and Children’s Theatre of Republika Srpska, the Museum of Republika Srpska, the Museum of Contemporary Art of RS, and many galleries that organise several cultural events throughout the year. Banja Luka has a rich nightlife and is known for its many nightclubs, as well as a large number of music festivals filling the calendar every year.

Igor Radojičić Mayor
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